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Humorous content:

About four or five decades ago, a Federal judge published opinions poking fun, I think at judicial practices and perhaps other matters, such as on the interest of retired judges in visiting and helping reduce the local workload provided the court they would be visiting was somewhere sunny. The judge, probably in southern California, in the Ninth Circuit, published these as concurring and dissenting opinions in real cases in time to appear in the advance sheets put out, in paperback format, by the publisher of the National Reporter System (depending on the judge’s appointment that would have been in the Federal Reporter, Second Series, or the Federal Supplement, likelier the former) but then each time would withdraw the separate opinion, signing onto a majority or minority opinion authored by another judge, before the permanent edition would be editorially closed, published, and distributed. Most subscribers probably tossed the advance sheets into the trash when the permanent edition arrived. I don’t know if any of the advance sheets have survived, if their content is on any electronic service, or if anyone still has the slip opinions published by the relevant court (if appellate). It might be interesting to publish excerpts of those opinions, if anyone has any of them. My contact information is on this website.